Mortgage Industry Consulting

At Prosurian we understand that mortgages are quickly becoming a commodity and the keys to winning in today's market are superior user experience, lower cost to originate and elimination of tail risk. Partnering with us means gaining a strategic partner dedicated to enhancing your business’s success. Our experts can assist with everything from improved customer interaction and streamlined workflow, to more accurate data and faster closing.  

Cross-Functional Approach

To achieve a lower cost to originate and improve your per loan profit, it is imperative that lenders leverage technology to its fullest to eliminate human touches.

Prosurian's consultants approach of looking at both your production process and how you leverage your technology helps our clients achieve significantly lower cost to originate and improved margins.

Digital Transformation

Legacy methods of getting an app in the door and pushing it through legacy processes are no longer acceptable. User Experience in today's market is means you need to worry about your borrower journey from marketing to servicing handoff, AND how your loan officers and TPO's interact with you, AND how your teams respond to incoming requests. Creating a seamless - transparent workflow is key to growing your pipeline. We can help you integrate your CRM, POS, PPE, LOS, Servicing in a seamless flow to that improves the satisfaction of all the participants in your transactions.

Operational Optimization

In addition to our tech services, our operations experts can help boost your bottom line by optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your  operations. Our services can assist across your organization from process optimization and staffing reviews, to margin analysis and warehouse line efficiency reviews. By conducting detailed business process improvement analyses, we identify areas. Together we can help you reduce your cost per funded loan and improve your revenue retention.

Information Security

Even though lenders have requirements from Fannie, Freddie, and their counterparties, and obligations under GLBA and state privacy statutes, robust information security is, in many cases, a second-class citizen. Threat actors know this and are increasingly targeting small and medium players and tuning their demands accordingly. Prosurian's CyberSecirity team can help you bring your security posture up to par and help you protect not only your borrowers' data, but also your investors, board and reputation.


The key to creating a truly seamless origination experience is to maximize the efficiency of your system-to-system and system-to-provider integrations. Your users should never have to press a button or re-type data to order a service. They should never have to re-key data from one system to another, or from one field to another. These activities all increase your cost to originate, affect data quality and reduce your user satisfaction. Custom integrations can help you recognize huge efficiency gains and reduce your G&A associated with production.

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