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Ice's Encompass LOS is the market leader primarily because it is the most complete and easy to adopt offering in the market. It is also extremely complex to administer efficiently, and organizations generally evolve their configurations over time and through many hands. Our experts can assist in assuring that your environment is streamlined and optimizes both your customer experience and operational workflow.

Initial Setup

When embarking on an Encompass implementation, it is important to not try to recreate the exact process you had in another system. Rather, you need to understand your operational needs and map those to how Encompass is designed to work. In our experience a basic out of the box implementation does not work and ICE customers are quickly engaging with Admins to heavily modify the system. Our Approach it is to understand your desired workflow, merge it with our platform experience and work closely with you as we build out your instance to meet your unique needs.


Over time Encompass environments slow down, they begin to throw errors, or exhibit unexpected behaviors, and they become increasingly difficult to maintain. Prosurian's Optimization service revisits your current Encompass setup, identifying areas for improvement and streamlining processes for maximum efficiency. Whether we begin these engagements to solve specific problems or as a general maintenance activity, we will get a complete picture of your environment, provide you a detailed report and work to remediate performance bottlenecks and issues to ensure that you are getting the most from your investment.

Virtual Admin

Prosurian's Virtual Administration service offers flexible ongoing support and management of your Encompass environment. From help desk support to loan troubleshooting and workflow improvements, we provide full-time, on-demand access to expert Encompass Admins.

Services include: ‍

  • Business Rules, Field Triggers, DDM Rules
  • LO, TPO and Comp Management
  • Document setup and changes
  • LOC / TPOC Website administration
  • Dashboards, Pipeline views, Reports

Custom Development

If you need a custom solution that Encompass does not support out of the box, our Software engineers and craft a solution that meets your needs. We can build custom plugins, or integrations for the SmartClient, custom widgets and code for TPO Connect or LO Connect, or we can build complex workflow tracking and management solutions with integrations to external systems, such as a banking core, or GL.

If you are an industry service provider our team can also build solutions through Partner Connect for you.

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